Why You Should Always Seek Professional Advice When Facing Legal Situations

When you are confronted with a legal issue, only a lawyer is capable of providing you with advice that is specific to your situation. Unfortunately, some people disregard the need to seek legal advice because they do not understand its significance. Let's discuss some of the top reasons why you should always seek the counsel of a qualified lawyer every time you are involved in a legal situation.   To help analyse your situation and determine the best course of action. Read More 

How to Get a Child Support Agreement Modified

It's never easy to ensure that children are suitably cared for in the event of their parent's separation. In fact, it can take quite a while to make sure that proper arrangements are made for their financial future and that the parent charged with the main responsibility of looking after them has the right amount of cash to do so. Initially, this may cause both parties to sign a binding support agreement, but sometimes circumstances change in the years ahead. Read More 

Beyond Possessions and Assets: Four Other Cases Where You Should Contact a Probate Lawyer

Many people think that they only need the help of a probate lawyer if they have significant assets and they want to write a will. However, even if you just have moderate assets or even not much at all, there are key cases where you may want to schedule some time with a probate lawyer. Here are four signs you may want to schedule a consultation. 1. You Have Children Read More 

Need a Solicitor? How to Figure Out Your Likely Costs Involved

Life can be unpredictable and occasionally you will be presented with a legal challenge that you weren't expecting. You have to calculate how you're going to deal with this and will likely have to bring in the services of a good solicitor. If you've never been in this position before, you may be confused about what it's likely to cost you. How are charges handled in the Australian legal system and what do you need to know? Read More 

3 Steps to Take When Under Arrest for Assault

Even if you are a peace-loving person, you may one day find yourself in a physical altercation, particularly if you've been drinking or if you are in a distressed emotional state. If you are involved in a fight, you may soon find yourself at a police station facing an assault or breach of the peace charge. Below is a guide to three things you should do if you find yourself in this situation. Read More