Types of Land Ownership in Australia

One of your primary considerations when purchasing property is the title. In Australia, the type of title a property has will determine how you can use the land. Read the extract below to learn more about land ownership in Australia.  Freehold Title Also known as Torrens Title, this is the most common form of land ownership in Australia. Land with a freehold title belongs to the person whose name appears on the title. Read More 

Tips for Preparing for Child Custody Battle for Divorced Fathers

According to statistics, 80% of full custody cases are won by mothers. The data indicates the reason why most fathers feel intimidated when they step into a courtroom for a custody battle. Knowing that you are less likely to win your custody battle is very frustrating, especially if you want to remain an active participant in your child's life. That said, there are strategies that you can apply during the preparation phase to increase your chances of success. Read More