Can You Dispute a Will If You’re Not a Relative?

One of the most common ways that disputes arise after the death of a person is through a contested will, which refers to a disagreement over how a person's estate should be distributed. Many people wonder whether a non-relative can dispute a will, and it's important to understand the law and the requirements necessary to do so successfully. What do you need to know? What the Law Says The legal system allows any person who believes that a will is invalid or unfair to challenge it, including non-relatives. Read More 

When Do You Need A Family Lawyer? A Complete Guide

Most people forego the services of family lawyers because they do not know when to engage these professionals. It is especially so since most family matters involve negotiations and do not lead to criminal proceedings or jail time. Below is an excerpt detailing some scenarios that compel you to hire a family lawyer.  When Drafting Prenuptial Contracts Movies and reality TV shows may influence many couples to approach prenuptial agreements casually. Read More