How to Pursue a Business Seller Who Was Less Than Forthcoming

If you purchased a business a little while ago, you may have gone through a lengthy process of negotiation with the seller, during which time you were presented with a raft of data to help you come to your conclusion. You may have been given a number of assurances by the seller in relation to the health of the business and may have been told that there were no outstanding debts, other than what may have been disclosed. Read More 

How Does Mental Illness Affect the Capacity to Make a Will?

Great strides have been made in recent times toward finding a cure for dementia and Alzheimer's disease, but it remains a scourge of Australian society. Many people who reach advanced age find it increasingly difficult to make decisions on their own behalf and this can be particularly problematic when it comes to designing a will. If you suspect that a loved one was incapacitated in this extent and are not sure about the legality of the will, what can you do? Read More 

Tips for keeping up with your variable mortgage interest

When you obtain mortgage financing to purchase a property, you will typically be required to pay a certain amount of interest every month. The mortgage can come with a fixed rate interest or a variable rate. A fixed rate is based on a specific percentage of the total mortgage amount, and it remains the same throughout the term of the loan. However, a variable mortgage rate oscillates according to current market conditions. Read More 

4 Steps To Effectively Manage A Worker’s Compensation Claim

If you run a small business with a few employees, you must protect yourself with several different types of business insurance, including workers' compensation in case someone gets injured on the job. If you face a compensation claim from a worker, you need to manage it as effectively as possible to avoid getting sued and to ensure no major financial disruption to your business at a later date. Follow these steps: Read More 

Solicitors Provide Important Legal Advice

Navigating the field of law can be challenging for most non-lawyers. At the same time, it is important for people to know what their rights are under the law, and to adhere to legal guidelines in their daily activities. In fact, it is common knowledge that ignorance of the law is not an excuse. In order to make the right decisions, most people seek expert advice from law professionals regarding personal issues, their rights, and commercial responsibilities. Read More