Child Adoption: Why Should You Incorporate Counselling in the Legal Process

Adopting a child involves many legalities. It is more than just your ability to take care of the child in question. What type of environment will the child be exposed to for the many years that they will be living with you? Do you understand that the child might undergo numerous emotional challenges? Do you have an appropriate support system that will help the child to get through the emotional challenges? In light of all these questions, family law professionals comprehend the need for adoption counselling services whenever you want to adopt a child. The following discussion will help you understand pre-adoption counselling before adopting:

Addressing Uncertainty

The law gives so much gravity to the process of adoption. It is a lifetime commitment to take care of a child until they are mature enough to look after themselves. Most legal provisions withdraw all the rights of the birth parents and grant them to the person committed to adopting the child. The birth parents cannot, after months or years of giving up the child, come and claim the rights of custody. In light of this consideration, adoption can frighten some people and lawyers must counsel them from a legal perspective to create balance and certainty. Additionally, counselling is also needed to help the family understand both the behavioural and physical needs of an adopted child. Such needs may be a challenge even to a family that is stable and financially reliable.

Addressing Loss and Grief

Legal adoption can be tedious and long. All these things take a toll on both the adopting parent and the child in question. No matter how smooth the transition may be, an adopted child must feel the loss, separation or even abandonment. This is because they are leaving an environment they are accustomed to for another new setting. Counselling will help you understand how you can support the child to deal with their feelings of loss, grief and mourning. You will help them deal with the stress while accepting the new environment gradually.

Addressing Attachment Issues

When you adopt a child, he or she might also have issues with attachment and relationships with the new family. Particularly, children who have a history of abuse, violence and neglect have trust issues when they move to a new family. They are afraid of history repeating itself. Counselling will help you understand how to deal with such children. They need lots of compassion and constant reminders that you are willing to talk with them and resolve issues. Avoid physical punishment that can remind them of the terrible past they have been through.