Why Being Disrespectful in a Court of Law Could Cost You

Australian society is managed by the rule of law. Everybody knows that they need to conform with various items of legislation, and that if they don't, consequences may ensue. If you have fallen foul of some of these laws and been accused of a crime, you may not be happy about it. Nevertheless, you realise that you need to go through a formal procedure. You may have to go into a courtroom and in front of a judge or magistrate while the case is heard. Read More 

Could an Instalment Contract Be Good for You When Purchasing a Property?

You may well have heard of instalments when it comes to making payments on a particularly expensive item, such as a car. However, you may not be aware that you can actually choose instalments when entering into a specific type of property contract. What does this mean and is it a good option for you? The Fundamentals The instalment contract does not simply cover how payments are going to be made in relation to a purchase, but it has a number of restrictions and regulations to be considered by any potential buyer. Read More 

What You Need to Know about Relocation Orders Following Separation

After a separation, it is not unusual for one parent to be allocated control of a child, with visitation rights given to the other. These arrangements are carefully worked out, sometimes through consent but at other times through a court order. A lot of information is considered at the time and based on current circumstances. However, life can be unpredictable and sometimes these circumstances change. If your "ex" now wants to move across the country with the offspring, but you're not so sure, what can the court do to help you? Read More 

Why Every New Franchise Owner Needs a Lawyer

As a first-time franchise owner, you may not think about using a lawyer for the purchase and opening process. You may believe that the paperwork and buying process is fairly straightforward, or that everything you need is handled by the franchise themselves. The truth is, though a lawyer is not required, it may end up saving you from hefty legal fees later down the road. Here are a few reasons why: Read More 

Child Adoption: Why Should You Incorporate Counselling in the Legal Process

Adopting a child involves many legalities. It is more than just your ability to take care of the child in question. What type of environment will the child be exposed to for the many years that they will be living with you? Do you understand that the child might undergo numerous emotional challenges? Do you have an appropriate support system that will help the child to get through the emotional challenges? In light of all these questions, family law professionals comprehend the need for adoption counselling services whenever you want to adopt a child. Read More