4 Questions To Ask Your Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer could seem like an easy task, right? After all, there are thousands of lawyers in Australia. Below is an excerpt discussing some questions to ask your lawyer before signing the engagement contract. With luck, they will ensure that you hire the best lawyer to handle your issue. 

What Is Your Speciality? 

Although lawyers have similar academic qualifications, they choose to specialise in different aspects of the law. For instance, some lawyers will specialise in family law, others criminal law or compensation suits. The benefit of a specialised lawyer is that they understand the legalities of the matter at hand. As such, they can anticipate the assertions and arguments of the other party. 

You should also examine the lawyer's locality. It is especially so when dealing with an internet lawyer. Local lawyers have the upper hand compared to lawyers based in other countries or states. They understand state laws and prosecution strategies and judge temperament since they have been in court for many years. 

Have You Handled Similar Cases In The Past? 

It will help you establish the lawyer's experience in the matter at hand. For example, when approaching a criminal lawyer about a murder or manslaughter case, ask them whether they have represented clients with a similar issue. Inquire whether they won or lost the case. If they lost the case, do not shy from asking them what led to the loss. 

Inquire how the lawyer would approach the matter. It will help you evaluate their expertise. For instance, if you need compensation for a workplace injury, the lawyer should collect evidence and appraise your injuries before contacting your employer or insurance company. 

What Guarantees Can You Give? 

In some cases, the lawyer will give a guarantee. It is especially so if they are convinced that there is a high likelihood of success. However, you should not push your lawyer into giving a guarantee, even if they have an excellent winning history. Remember, each case has its complexities.  

How Much Will You Charge?

The lawyer's reputation and the complexity of your case will determine how much they will charge. Expect to pay more when dealing with a highly reputable lawyer or if your case is complicated. Lawyers have varying pricing strategies. For instance, some will charge per hour while others have a standard charge. In some cases, the lawyer will propose a no-win-no-fee arrangement. 

When hiring a lawyer, inquire about their speciality, experience, guarantees, and pricing.