Tips for Preparing for Child Custody Battle for Divorced Fathers

According to statistics, 80% of full custody cases are won by mothers. The data indicates the reason why most fathers feel intimidated when they step into a courtroom for a custody battle. Knowing that you are less likely to win your custody battle is very frustrating, especially if you want to remain an active participant in your child's life. That said, there are strategies that you can apply during the preparation phase to increase your chances of success. It starts by hiring the right family lawyer to guide you on how to prepare for a custody battle. Read on.

Do Not Confide in the Child

Divorce is both psychologically and mentally trying to any father, and this often drives many dads to reach for a listening ear. In most cases, fathers are tempted to turn to their child or children to vent their frustrations. While this might seem like a great idea, the consequences can be dire. For instance, if you begin confiding in your child, you will more likely find yourself talking unfavourably about your ex -- your child's mother -- and this has the potential of parental alienation. Even if you tell your child that what you have said should remain between the two of you, there are very high chances that the information will come out. Besides, if a judge learns that you are turning your children against their mother, you will most likely lose custody. Therefore, whatever you do, make sure that you do not confide in your child as you prepare for a custody battle.

Keep Communication Lines Open with Ex

It is normal to develop hard feelings towards your ex after divorce, especially if they are the ones that initiated the process. Some fathers vow not to see or speak to their ex-wives again, a move that is impractical and unrealistic if there are children involved. Therefore, you need to be civil. The reason is that while you are not in a relationship, the fact remains that you are still co-parents and the relationship you retain with your ex might play a role in your custody battle. For instance, if you are on terms with your communication, the chances are high that the courts will provide a conclusion that is fair to both you and your ex. Therefore, keep those communication lines open as you prepare for a custody battle.

Less Social Media

Divorce frustrations often lead to venting, and people often make mistakes especially with the advent of social media. As a father, you might be tempted to post details about the case especially when things aren't going according to plan. For example, posting a picture of you and your child before a custody battle might come off as seeking sympathy from the mediators involved. Also, posting stories about your ex's past mistakes will not augur well with a judge. Therefore, whatever you do, it is critical to stay away from social media at least until after the process is complete.

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